Sunday, 12 November 2017

Ardor's "Punishment" added

To celebrate the upcoming release of Netflix's The Punisher series, starring Jon Bernthal, Ardor has released their own vision of the Punishers armour in the form of a kit for the Pro Evolution series.

The kit features a full replicated by hand "painted" Punisher logo, body armour, ammunition holders as well as a holster on the shorts. 
This kit has also been designed with myclub in mind, rather than featuring a club badge it has a space for any user to download the kit and add their own. Alternatively as seen in the image above the kit settings, that are included in the bottom right of the kit file, the squad number can feature if the user doesn't wish to add a club badge.

I hope you enjoy this kit, a lot of time and effort has gone into it as personally I am a big fan of the Punisher and wanted to make sure that this kit does the Punisher justice, just as he deals out his own, in style.

Download can be found here.