Thursday, 22 February 2018

Championship Option File V3

Konami has recently released their all new data pack 3 and with this comes the much-awaited roster updates, now this has been released I have been able to do the work needed to bring a huge improvement to my Championship file.

Version 3.0 includes:

  • Updated transfers/rosters
  • Over 50 edited/improved faces.
  • Kit improvements/ adjustments
  • Added more 3rd kits
  • Updated managers
  • Undershorts/under armour colours all correct
  • Banners text added

I have also included bonus content in the form of a Legends All-Star team.

Legends All-Star team includes:
  • 25 Legend players
  • 1 Legend Manager
  • Ardor Legend All-Star kits
  • Legend All-Star Crest

This Version 3.0 of my Championship OF will be included in the upcoming Pes Universe V4 Option File, along with any other updates that should be required between now and then.

I'd like to add that my file has been showing up on various other websites, whilst I find this quite flattering I also find it quite insulting as no-one has asked if they can use it which means they are downloading and redistributing my work. Whilst this is not only what I consider to be rude but it also means that my work is being distributed without being checked over. This may not sound like a big deal but it does mean that if you're downloading my work from an outside source that the files may cause conflict issues or/and be out of date, to avoid this I hope that you will only download from this site or PES Universe, thank you.

This V3 OF comes with an option of SD quality (1024) as well as the HD quality version (2048) which can both be found on the Option Files area, I advise the use of the HD quality as this is what the OF was designed for. The use of the 1024 file will show a significant difference in quality.

If you would like to leave feedback or make suggestions for future changes simply contact me on twitter (@BigZombieMonkey)